About Us


Somos Ana Karen & Cuauhtémoc, and we are incredibly excited to bring you the flavorful creations of our beloved Mexico. From our time living in Culiacán, Sinaloa we came across the increasingly popular Tortillas de Nopal (only 20 Cals!) which became (and continue to be) an indispensable staple of our daily diet as we immediately realized we did not have to sacrifice taste for a healthy alternative. It's also nearly impossible to remove the tortilla from our daily cuisine as it's not just a way to hold food together, it's part of what hold our identity and culture together as well.

When we moved to Los Angeles, this option was not available and only came across the commercialized 60+ calorie white corn tortillas and 100+ calories flour tortillas - no variety whatsoever.

This is no longer the case. We are delighted to bring you this delicious assortment of low-calorie and flavorful tortillas.


Karen y Cuauh